25 Essential PSone classics revisited

Are your favourites as good as you remember?

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As good as you remember? Car combat may be a flawed idea, but this is still a good rendition.

12. Syphon Filter
Release 1999 Price £3.99
Ugly even for its year and overshadowed by MGS, this spy shooter still out-Bonded all the 007 titles of the time... and ever since. Squint and it's still fun.

As good as you remember? Horrendous scientist executions aside, this remains a real laugh.

13. Street Fighter Alpha 2
Release 1996 Price £7.99
SF's anime offshoot added super combos and air blocking, and this sequel smooths the original Alpha's balancing issues.

As good as you remember? The king of fighters for many, who still play it religiously to this day.

14. Medievil
Release 1998 Price £3.99
Sword-swinging platforming with very British humour (hero Sir Daniel Fortesque is dead), this cheerfully ghoulish adventure remains excellent entertainment.

As good as you remember? Technically messy, but the unique British charm is timeless.

15. Front Mission 3
Release 1999 Price £3.99
It's Wanzer time! Walking panzers, see - the mechs of this isometric role-player. A simple, addictive mix of robot-crafting and combat.

As good as you remember? This was the best of the Front Mission series and is still a joy to play.

16. Final Fantasy IX
Release 2000 Price £7.99
The final, absolutely the last and then no more, Final Fantasy. On PSone, that is. An epic, sprawling RPG that oozes charm.

As good as you remember? Story still packs an emotional punch and combat is deep and tactical.

17. Guilty Gear
Release 1998 Price £3.99
Spiritual precursor to BlazBlue, GG is an utterly crackers 2D fighter. The bioweapon story is barely there, while the fighting is frantic and full of huge combos.

As good as you remember? Newer Guilty Gear games are better, but the original has nostalgia appeal.

18. Jumping Flash!
Pre-empting Mirror's Edge as a first-person platformer, Jumping Flash! has the added bonus of being a massive robotic rabbit. An overlooked curiosity.

As good as you remember? Probably not, but the imaginative premise is still defiantly original.

19. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
Release 1999 Price £7.99
In the demon-hunting Soul Reaver, moody, murky visuals hide a polished (and Lara-influenced) adventure.

As good as you remember? Its world is a bit confusing to navigate, but this is still an intriguing adventure.

20. Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation
Release 1999 Price £7.99
The original TR gets the headlines on PSN - and the ace PS2 re-imagining Anniversary is now HD - but this, secretly, was the high point of Core Design's original Raider series.

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