Wii U development has been 'a little tricky,' admits Vigil

"The hardware has been changing a lot," reveals Darksiders dev

Wii U development has been "a little tricky," Darksiders II developer Vigil has admitted.


Speaking to CVG in a soon to be published interview, game director Marvin Donald revealed that development hardware for Nintendo's system "has been changing a lot," leading to "some instability" when working on it.

"[Wii U] will be at least as powerful [as PS3] if not more but honestly we don't really know because the hardware has been changing a lot," he said.

"We just got the generation two dev kits and there's no release date for the Wii U so we don't know how long the hardware development process is going to go on for, when they're going to stop and what they're ultimately going to be happy with. So it has provided some instability when working on it."

Donald added: "When we got the new kits there were some things in the old build that wouldn't work with the new hardware and we had to wait for updates. So it's been a little tricky in that regard."

The Darksiders lead added that he hopes the upcoming sequel finds an audience with Nintendo.

"I hope the fact that we're heavily inspired by and love Zelda very much helps," he said.

"when we marketed Darksiders we showed a lot of combat so people got the wrong impression about what kind of game it was. Now that it's a little bit more known maybe we'll have an audience there on the Wii U.

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