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Media Molecule explains move away from LBP

Developer doesn't want the series to become stale, but promises ongoing support

Having announced that it's "stepping away" from LittleBigPlanet in order to focus on new challenges, developer Media Molecule has explained its thinking behind the move in a little more detail.


Speaking at the Develop conference in Brighton this morning, studio co-founder and series creative director Mark Healey said (via Beefjack): "If you think of LittleBigPlanet as having a child, you kin of get to the stage where they want to leave home. It's kind of like that."

LittleBigPlanet art director Kareem Ettouney said everyone now "understands the language" of LittleBigPlanet and is familiar with how the game works. Apparently, the studio's well aware that the series could start to feel stale if it's over-milked.

Media Molecule co-founder Alex Evans also promised continued support for the series - which has 4.7 million user-created levels - even if it's no longer the studio's primary focus.

[ SOURCE: Beefjack ]