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EA kicks off $50m Battlefield advertising war

Billboards emerge the across UK as EA prepares to battle Call of Duty

EA's kicked off its estimated $50 million Battlefield 3 advertising blitz, with billboards starting to crop up all over the UK.


So far fans on the official Battlefield forums have spotted giant EA billboards clad in Battlefield garb in London, Birmingham, Salisbury and Bracknell.

Most of the advertising seems to be centred in Birmingham, possibly in preparation for GAMEFEST at the NEC Arena on September 16.

EA's kicked off its big Battlefield push a full 14 weeks before the game's release on October 28, strongly backing up the notion we won't be able to move for FPS marketing by the end of the year.

Analysts have estimated that Battlefield 3's marketing budget could top $50 million, with EA CEO John Riccitiello has said he expects over $100m to be spent advertising both Battlefield and Call of Duty this Christmas.

It's going to be a very modern warfare Yuletide season indeed.

[ SOURCE: Electronic Arts ]