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BioShock Infinite: Dissected

A closer look at Irrational's 15 minute epic demo

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Once DeWitt is rumbled by the Vox Populi and all trigger-happy hell breaks loose, Elizabeth is actually shown to be more than just a damsel in distress. While you're fighting ghosts of objects that don't exist in Columbia appear and Elizabeth can use her powers to bring them into reality.

The first instance gives the choice of a stage coach, a barrel or a door (presumably if you just want to leg it) and our demo man asks Liz to conjure the coach from the other dimension to provide a bit of extra cover.


DeWitt has some powers of his own though. In the souvenir shop he picked up a canister of 'Bucking Bronco Vigor' - Vigors being the equivalent of plasmids - which seems to allow him to suspend anything that's in front of him in mid-air, including people.

Booker comes across a 'Murder of Crows' Vigor later on as well, which he uses to spew - you guessed it - a murder of crows from his hand as a distraction (good spot ianson).

We also noticed (pre-gunfight) that when DeWitt and Elizabeth were getting a bit of hassle from a Vox Populi goon, the player pulled his gun on him to make him walk away. We hope we'll be able to interact with every passer-by in Columbia in a similar way.


On to DeWitt's other show-stopping trick; being a bit of a devil on the Skyline, Columbia's rollercoaster public transport system that sees 'passengers' latch on with a small handle device (pictured) and fly all over the place.

Most impressive is that it looks like players will be able to jump on and off the rails - and between lines - whenever they wish and regardless of height. Of course it's crucial that you're on target with your jump but Irrational has provided as small circle icon on bits that can be latched onto to assist you.

Most of the Skyline travel during the demo is accompanied by rapid cross-fire without DeWitt throwing anything back in return. At first we thought that Irrational had missed a trick by not providing some sort of Skyline combat system but, if you remember the Winter Shield that could have been picked up earlier and was for specific use with the Skyline, it could be that only certain weapons can be used during travel.

Either way, the Skyline looks like one of the coolest modes of transport since Spider-Man found he could do a whole lot more than stick to walls.


Zipping about the skies also gives us a look at the kind of environments we'll be playing in. Levine has said that Infinite isn't an open-world game but this area at least looks detailed and incredibly vast. We don't think we'll be pining after an open-world in the strict sense at any point.

We also get a look at the standard of the epic set-pieces that will happen in real-time, such as a great big zeppelin dominating the sky and raining bullets down upon us.

Finally there's the point at which the beast that spooked Elizabeth early on is revealed. We'll let you see that bit for yourselves if you haven't already. Even if you have, it's worth another look.

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