iPad 3 to use 'full HD' Samsung or LG display - report

Apple said to be testing rival screens to ensure "full HD viewing experience"

Samsung and LG are reportedly fighting it out to secure a deal with Apple to produce the iPad 3 display.


According to the Korea Times' sources, the unannounced tablet will support quad extended graphics and a display resolution of 20481536 pixels with a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Apple is said to testing rival Samsung and LG displays in a bid to ensure the tablet delivers the "full HD viewing experience".

Kium Securities analyst Kim Byeong-ki told the site: "Apple will be looking to boost the shipments of its upcoming iPad to distance itself further from tablet rivals like Samsung."

Last night Apple reported record revenue and earnings for the three months ended June 25, with 9.25 million iPad sales helping the company rake in a massive $7.31 billion profit during the quarter.

[ SOURCE: Korea Times ]