PES 2012's 'astonishing', 'innovative' feature revealed

Teammate Control system represents "an astonishing advance for the series"

Konami's revealed a new feature for PES 2012 allowing users to move two on-filed players at once.


Konami says the new Teammate Control system - which gives users complete control over secondary players while the runner has the ball - represents "an astonishing advance for the series".

It explained today: "The Teammate Control system works in two ways, with users pressing the right analogue stick in the direction of the player they wish to control. The Assisted mode allows the user to activate a second player by depressing the R3 button, and allows users to get to grips with the greater level of control via effective running movements.

"Greater control is offered by the Manual mode, wherein the user has complete freedom of movement of the second player, and can make shuttle runs, find space, and shake off markers before calling for the pass from the player still with the ball.

"The player will then revert to computer control when the R3 button is released, and can also be used to override any AI runs the player wants to cancel. Both can be affected at any time, so players can make moves without waiting for a pass to be completed."

Konami also outlined a number of other changes to PES 2012. Penalties will revert to a behind the taker view, while shot feints and the Challenge Training mode are set to return.

"The addition of Teammate Control is something we have been working on for a while now, and we are delighted that it will make its debut in PES 2012," said PES European team leader Jon Murphy.

"We have been building to create a control system that truly lets the player do whatever they like on field, and the ability to manually control a second player while simultaneously running with the ball opens all kinds of attacking options.

"This is the start of a major new era for PES," he added. "In the coming weeks we will detail more on how the ever-popular Master League has evolved, and will be unveiling the new face of the series."