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Resistance 3 Survivor Edition trailer

See what's inside the £100 box

Sony's released a new Resistance 3 trailer showing off the content's of the Survivor Edition.

The edition comes in a steel book case packed with a voucher code for a number of pre-order items - SRPA Black Ops skin, Infected Nathan Hale skin, Air Fuel Grenade, Special multiplayer title: "Sentinel", Multiplayer booster, Chimera tooth necklace (this one is a physical item!).

It also comes with a canvas satchel, a Chimera firing range target, 'Fight for Freedom' toy soldiers, Joseph Capelli's journal, an SRPA hip flask and playing cards.

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Resistance 3's set to hit UK stores on September 9. Gamestation's taking pre-orders for the Survivor Edition £99.99.