Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling: I'll buy Battlefield 3

Community boss is having a bit of DICE's shooter

Infinity Ward public face / community boss Robert Bowling will be buying himself a copy of DICE shooter - and heated Modern Warfare 3 rival - Battlefield 3 later this year.


The EA-published FPS will be arriving worldwide in October, a fortnight before Activision's MW3 hits shelves.

Speaking to EuroGamer, a cool-headed Bowling said that although both games' communities were "baiting" each other, there was "definitely room" for the duo of shooters on the market.

"I'm very aware that we have two very different audiences and we're delivering two very good and very different experiences," he said, "so I think the baiting is built up more of these two really passionate communities - and they should be really passionate about their individual games - getting at each other, and that's been happening forever."

On the subject of whether there could only be one victor between the two rivals, he added: "I think that at would be a misconception. I think there is definitely room. If you are a shooter fan, you should be getting both, because they're both going to be excellent experiences.

"But more importantly they're going to be very different experiences. The kind of gameplay you get from Call of Duty is very different from what you get anywhere else and I think that's important. I think any shooter fan would be extremely disappointed if you only got one."

Battlefield 3 is due for release on October 25 in North America and three days later in Europe. Modern Warfare 3 will launch on November 8 worldwide.

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[ SOURCE: EuroGamer ]