Sony hit with 55 lawsuits over PSN data breach

Legal challenges mount as insurer also sues to avoid coverage

Sony is facing 55 class-action lawsuits over the data breach that followed April's hacking of the PlayStation Network.


That's according to one of the company's insurance firms, Zurich American, which has stuck the knife in by asking a New York court to rule that it has no liability to cover defence costs in the mounting legal claims.

In April, hackers compromised the personal data of more than 100 million users of Sony's online games, and the company hasn't been able to rule out the possibility that as many as 12.3 million credit card numbers were illegally obtained.

According to Reuters, Zurich American has subsequently received claims for coverage from Sony under the terms of a commercial general liability policy, but the insurer claims it doesn't have any obligation to defend the firm as digital attacks aren't covered in its agreement.

Sony said in May it expects the PSN hack and subsequent down time to cost it around £106 million this business year.

[ SOURCE: Reuters ]