Rage: 'We're doing things other companies can't'

id Software talks about pushing the boundaries of technology and design...

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The bigger pressure for us is to create a game that really pushes the boundaries, obviously the technology is pushing the boundaries within the rendering technology but we have a lot of smart and talented team members from programmers to artists and designers that have to create a game around all this.

So we're pushing the boundaries, not just from a technology standpoint but a design and even an artistic standpoint because a lot of this technical language about the rendering technology can't be done unless you have really good art to take advantage of.

It's not just about going into Photoshop and making a texture and slapping it onto a bit of geometry, there are ways that we do things that other companies can't do or even have in their process.

That's not to say there aren't games that look as good as ours, but we have a unique opportunity with the abilities and the intelligence of the programming team and, of course, John Carmack to be able to push the boundaries on that.


We really want to be able to marry that to the design to push on all fronts, not just technology. It really is about story, gameplay, the design really is a big part of it.

All that comes together with the technology to create a nugget of ... I mean, when you look at all the different games that are out there, there's a lot of good games. We don't sit on a pedestal and say we're better than these guys - there's absolutely no way.

There are so many cool things that developers are able to do now, it really is about execution. There're so many people that enjoy gaming as a legitimate piece of entertainment. You spend a lot of money now to sit in front of a TV and be immersed in that world. We want to provide that world and we want people to have fun doing that in an FPS that is pushing the boundaries.

A couple of other big developers out there like DICE and Epic are putting out new engines that they're describing as next-gen experiences on current-gen consoles. Would you say the Tech 5 engine is on a par with them, are you really pushing the boundaries of this generation?

It's hard for me as a producer not a programmer, not understanding system level differences between all the different technologies and what the Epic guys do and what the DICE team does.

All I know is when I look at the game we work on the fidelity and the visual quality is really amazing. I think John has already come out and said - and I totally agree with him - there are things that other developers are able to do that are as amazing as ours, they're just doing it a different way.

I think we're coming to a point where it is evolutionary steps to the next and better things and how well it runs on the different platforms, because it's not just about pushing pixels and making it look good but doing it efficiently and doing it better than the other guys.


We do have a lot of smart people to be able to push on those things, but in comparison to the other technologies, I think there's just really cool stuff being done at other developers and I think that's healthy for the industry.

And is there any sense at all from the team that they're itching for new hardware like a PS4 or Xbox 720?

The first parties are really quiet about what the next thing is going to be. As a developer with new technology we want to be able to make as many games for the current technology as we can but as soon as we have information about what the next piece of technology's going to be, you know we're just going to be there.

We're going to take that apart and understand the limitations and we'll be right up there with the big developers that are making triple A games, not just for the current generation but the next generation as well.

Have you lead on any particular platform?

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