Video: LA Noire's Cole Phelps is a bumbling cop

PSM3 gives us Los Angeles' finest at his worst

You know how Team Bondi and Rockstar cut two whole desks from LA Noire? Yeah, well, they cut something else as well - and it wasn't for space saving reasons.


Originally there was a whole section of the narrative where Cole Phelps turned to drink. Hard. It started with a whiskey before bed, then came the lunchtime pints, the 2 o'clock tequilas and the champagne breakfasts.

Before he could get a hold of reality again, Phelps found himself in nightclubs in the early hours downing WKD before going home and trying to recreate those stupid adverts.

Thing is, none of his colleagues noticed anything was wrong. When we watch this video we can't for the life of us think how:

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