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Two new Modern Warfare 3 screenshots

Infiltrating a Russian sub off the American coastline

Activision's released two new Modern Warfare 3 screenshots taken from the E3 gameplay demo.


In the demo, which you can watch here, there's an underwater segment in which you have to plant a mine on a Russian sub attacking the American coastline, as well as some more traditional gunplay aboard a sub and a boat driving sequence.

A second, 13-minute gameplay demo showed off America struggling to cope with a Russian invasion force, and has you tasked with fighting your way to the US Stock Exchange.

Infinity Ward creative director Robert Bowling also promised this week that there's a Spec Ops trailer on the way soon. "If you're anticipating the #MW3 Spec Ops Survival Mode trailer we've been working on, I just reviewed and sent final edits back to the team," he said on Twitter.