GoldenEye Reloaded: Should the N64 classic be left in the past?

Debate: You only live thrice...

James Bond will return in GoldenEye. Again.


Activision's announcement of GoldenEye Reloaded this week marks the second time the 1997 N64 classic FPS is to be remade for a modern day audience.

The original GoldenEye 007 is one of the most fondly remembered titles of all time and a major contribution to the current shape of FPS multiplayer, probably gaming's most iconic aspect.

We all have memories of crowding round a split-screen deathmatch with friends, scrabbling after the Golden Gun or slapping the guy who chose Odd Job. GoldenEye was a revolution in its day as far as FPS mechanics, effortless playability and straight-up amazing fun were concerned.

But that was then. Although 1997's GoldenEye may have placed the first blocks for today's globally connected first-person kill-fests, the old spy classic doesn't stand up too well to modern day scrutiny.

No it doesn't. Accept it.

"All the more reason for a remake," you might say. You might be right; we got a remake last year of sorts on the Wii and it was very well received by the Ninty crowd, even if it was awfully close to a reskined Call of Duty.

A major factor in GoldenEye's reception on the Wii, however, will have been the FPS offering that was already on the platform. The competition was somewhat non-existent.

That's not the case on the HD platforms, where Battlefield and COD, two of the greatest FPS franchises ever, sit quite happily punching eachother in the nuts for a title that will probably remain disputed for many years to come. A modern-day GoldenEye will find it far tougher to win over the HD crowd.

There's also the fact that GoldenEye Reloaded looks like it's going to be very noticeably using the Call of Duty engine (as it did on the Wii). There's no doubt that you'd struggle to find a better engine for an FPS game but that doesn't mean that the Bond remake will be anywhere near the standard of a Treyarch or Infinity Ward product.

So, Reloaded, is unlikely to exhibit the key feel of the nostalgia soaked original and it probably won't match the standards of the genre's best, leaving it floundering somewhere in the middle of a very harsh market. It won't have the forgiving company it did on the Wii and it won't have the most important ingredient; Pierce Brosnan's face.

Is GoldenEye Reloaded going to be one reincarnation too far?

Of course, this is just a bag of pessimism and negativity we're throwing at you. There's every chance that GoldenEye Reloaded could be one of the best Bond games to come to console in recent years. Who says you have to annihilate the top dogs to make a worth contribution to the FPS world?

Besides, the classic feel of GoldenEye was recreated on Wii, if only a little bit, with a split-screen multiplayer mode full of quirks and nods to the original.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to seeing GoldenEye in HD for the first time, even if t isn't quite the same or should the classic shooter be left in our rose-tinted memories where it belongs?