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Battlefield 3 multiplayer hits a 'sweet spot' on console

24 online players is the right move for PS3 and 360, says DICE

DICE has said that 24 person Battlefield 3 multiplayer is the "sweet spot" for console players.


The console versions of the game have the ability to host substantially fewer players online than the PC edition, but that's the "best possible experience" for PS3 and Xbox 360, brand manager Kevin O'Leary told PixelEnemy.

"We're an all-platform developer, to be honest," he said, when asked whether anything set the PC and console versions apart. "We want to make sure that every platform that we have the game out on, it's the best possible experience for that platform.

"On console we've made the decision to go 24 players on multiplayer because it's the sweet spot. We've seen from telemetry and testing and so forth - that's what we know works well for our consumers and our players."

If you want to catch a glimpse of some Battlefield 3 multiplayer action, you can have a look at the videos that leaked last week. Don't be too upset if they've been yanked offline again though, as there's a shorter, official EA multiplayer movie too.

[ SOURCE: PixelEnemy ]