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Mass Effect 3 engine gets improved cinematics, sound

BioWare on evolving Unreal

BioWare has added its own "secret sauce" to Epic's Unreal Engine in order to improve the disparity between cinematics and gameplay in Mass Effect 3.


According to marketing boss David Silverman, the developer has attempted to make movement between cinematics and gameplay more "seamless" than before.

"The Mass Effect 3 engine's based on Unreal but we definitely have made some significant upgrades in terms of the cinematic system has been fully improved," he told CVG. "We've made it a little more seamless. We want to really immerse you in this experience and make you feel like you're kind of in there, almost as if it's a movie you can control.

"Having clean breaks, where you're like: 'Oh, it's a dialogue mode and now it's an action mode' kind of disjoints that. We're really trying to make the cut-scenes feel like they're organic to the actual gameplay; make it feel seamless and integrated.

"Those mechanics have been altered. We've done some things to make the sound pop a little bit more, the graphics have obviously been improved. We're really just taken advantage of the latest drop from Unreal and putting our own magic, secret sauce on top of it."

Check out our full interview with Silverman - in which we discuss how BioWare can grow Mass Effect's audience without disappointing its core RPG fans - through here.

Mass Effect 3 is due for release on PS3, Pc and Xbox 360 in March 2012.