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Why Blur failed: Lead designer speaks out

"It was like bacon with cornflakes"

Although racer Blur garnered solid review scores, its sales figures didn't do the business and contributed to Activision's closure of developer Bizarre Creations in February.


Blur's lead designer Gareth Wilson (Now with Sumo Digital) spoke out about the arcade racer's commercial failure at the Develop conference last week.

Wilson used a bacon and cornflakes analogy to describe Blur's mix of weapons and real cars, noting that the game offered an odd combination which the marketing failed to reassure potential buyers about.

"You need to reduce people's fear of buying your product," Wilson said, according to Edge. "Fear is a bigger driver for consumers than desire. They're not going to buy something they haven't tried before, because it might be crap.

"Licensing is a good way to go, but you have to be careful because licensing costs money," Wilson added. "You have to balance it. With Project Gotham Racing 3 we spent millions getting Ferrari but it worked. People saw that on the cover.

"But with Blur, the licensing maybe worked against us: real cars and weapons. Bacon with cornflakes."

[ SOURCE: Edge ]