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Team Bondi complaints 'are premature' - Pachter

Analyst says staff members will likely be compensated for overtime through a bonus pool

Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter has stuck up for Team Bondi management following plenty of criticism levelled at the studio over LA Noire's development.


According to the analyst, complaints about long working hours and unpaid overtime are premature given the success of the game, which is likely to produce a sizable bonus pool to be distributed among staff.

"I think what everyone's missing is if a game is good, and LA Noire was good, there will be a profit pool and there will be bonuses... My guess is there'll be a profit pool of probably $5-10 million.

"My guess is that [Team Bondi head] McNamara is going to be able to compensate his employees and they're going to make a lot more than just their hourly pay and they're going to be compensated for overtime, so I think that all the complaints about Team Bondi are premature."

Pachter also had his say on reports that over 130 developers were cut from LA Noire's credits, a decision he says lay with Rockstar rather than Team Bondi.

"At one time or another probably 500 people touched this game," he said. "My understanding is that this isn't a Brendan McNamara / Team Bondi issue; this is a Rockstar issue.

"What happened was, a couple of hundred Rockstar employees worked on the game too, and I don't think they wanted 45 minutes of credits at the end of the game. So someone made an executive decision - and I understand it wasn't Brendan's decision - that they had to scale down the number of people who got credits, and he did not have control over that... If your complaint is you got cut out of the credits, blame Rockstar."

[ SOURCE: GameTrailers ]