New Tekken Tag Tournament 2 gameplay footage

Refreshed Tekken Hybrid trailer teases included TTT2 Prologue demo

Tekken Hybrid, a multi-product Tekken combo disc releasing for PS3 later this year, will also include a playable demo of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Namco Bandai has confirmed.


Tekken Hybrid was originally announced to include the original Tekken Tag Tournament PS2 game upscaled to HD and a new CGI movie called Tekken Blood Vengeance. But it will also come with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue, a taster of the Tekken Tag sequel headed to PS3 next year.

"Get an early insight into TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2 for PS3. Featuring full 3D support, this special prologue version will feature four playable characters that appear in the movie TEKKEN Blood Vengeance; Alisa, Xiaoyu, Devil Kazuya and an as yet unannounced character," says Namco of the demo.

A new Tekken Hybrid trailer below offers an in-game glimpse of TTT2 Prologue. Get on it.

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