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Xbox 720 release could spark PS3 sales surge

Analyst says Sony could benefit from a next-gen leap at Microsoft

Nintendo has taken the first step and outlined its next-gen plans with Wii U, while MS and Sony appear more cautious. But could Sony benefit from Microsoft making the next move?


It could, according to M2 Research analyst Billy Pidgeon, who speculates that the replacing of Xbox 360 for a new console may leave the hardcore market wide open for a PS3 clean sweep.

"Should Microsoft release a successor to Xbox 360 and shift the pipeline for hardcore games over to the new consoles, that would be a possible scenario by which PS3 could bypass Xbox 360's active installed base," Pidgeon told Industry Gamers.

"This scenario would give PS3 the opportunity to soak up the hardcore sector," he said.

According to the 'industry sources' of a recent report, both Microsoft and Sony plan to hold off releasing their next consoles until 2014 as they try to ring out every last bit of value from their current-gen systems.

[ SOURCE: Industry Gamers ]