First From Dust review - 9/10 in Edge

A magnificent god game "that's genuinely worthy of the genre's name"

Edge has showered praise on From Dust, the new PC and console god game from Another World creator Eric Chahi and publisher Ubisoft, labelling it "a sandbox so good, you might just forget your next objective."


In the first published review of the beautiful looking game - which offers you the chance to play god and manipulate Earth in order to give a tribe a chance of surviving the elements - the mag calls it "magnificent" and awards it a 9/10 score.

"This is a strategy game on the outside, but in its secret heart it's a lot more than that," Edge says. "Few games can offer this kind of scale and organic growth, few push you towards switching tactics with each rhythmic wash of the tides, and few are as convincing - or as gritty and robust - in their simulations."

It adds: "The payoff is a god game that's genuinely worthy of the genre's name: a prolonged and intricate rumination on the punishing forces of nature that makes you feel the duty - and the joys - that great power brings with it."

Earlier today, Ubisoft confirmed a delay to the release of the PC version of From Dust.

[ SOURCE: Edge ]