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RuneScape Clan Citadels expansion launches

Offers clans a place to meet and create user-generated multiplayer content

Jagex has released the massive Clan Citadels expansion for its popular free-to-play MMO RuneScape.

The update allows RuneScape's clans to build their own floating citadel, a customisable castle in the sky for players to meet, socialise and develop their own games using a new sandbox battlefield editor.

Any clan with five or more members can take ownership of their own citadel and start creating user-generated combat scenarios and multiplayer games.

"Clans can create any activity, including simple capture-the-flag games, deathmatches, ball games, mazes, and any combination of these," Jagex says. "Once the battlegrounds are fine-tuned, players can challenge other clans to participate in large-scale battles and competitions.

"Each clan's Citadel can be upgraded through seven tiers, unlocking more space, skilling hotspots, impressive elements and special features. These include skilling zones, portal grounds, meeting areas, a senate, dragon perch, and party room."

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RuneScape VP Daniel Clough adds: "Today is a historic day for RuneScape, as we release the biggest expansion of the year and our largest ever community update. We have been looking for a unique and innovative way to provide new multiplayer features to the game, and we are hugely excited to see what the community makes of this update.

"The popularity of our in-game clans is staggering, with more than 1.3 million players signing up since our last clan update in April and, as you would expect, the level of anticipation for this update is unprecedented. Our ambitious plan has always been to make RuneScape's clan support the envy of the MMO world, and we are confident that Clan Citadels can do just that."