Fallout 5: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

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It can be taken further than threads and bone structure though, customisation shouldn't end when you leave the creation station.

We've always felt that the Fallout Karma system could be a little less stark and - in a related way - the dialogue mechanic could be more complex.

We'd like to be able to craft our character's personality and the way he or she is perceived through both our words and our actions. While Fallout has always had different dialogue options pointing towards different personality traits, none of them really seem to have that much lasting effect.

Maybe it's just that folk in a post-apocalyptic world have to be more understanding (radioactive times are hard) but it seems you have to nuke a town before its inhabitants will look at you with a burning glare. Burning for two reasons.


We'd like interaction systems to be more subtle and more significant at the same time.


We know there isn't often a whole lot of life in the Fallout universe thanks to all that inconvenient radioactivity but New Vegas saw a human race that was starting to get back on its feet.

And while there are understandably vast expanses of nothing in post-apocalypse America, there are still some examples of community in hubs like Rivet City, Megaton, Nipton and Goodsprings.

While the locations themselves usually have some really creative design elements, the people themselves often just mooch around waiting for you to interact with them and give their life significance.

With Skyrim, Bethesda's boasting communities that get on with their lives regardless of whether or not you exist or not, they have jobs, homes, working hours, day-to-day routines. We want to see this in the next Fallout.

We've seen foundations for this kind of detail in previous iterations. We always loved coming across a skirmish in the wilderness that had nothing to do with us, for example, it made us feel like we'd come across a unique event other players may not be treated to.

We want that to be taken further, extended to peaceful communities and the monotony of everyday life.

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