LA Noire dev: PS3 has 'a lot of life left', SPU capability is 'amazing'

Team Bondi believes Sony's system can still deliver more

There may be a fair bit of industry clamouring for the next generation of consoles - but the creator of one of the most technically impressive games of the year certainly believes PS3 can still achieve more.


Speaking in a monster new interview with PSM3 (which you can read in full here), Brendan McNamara - the boss of LA Noire creator Team Bondi - was asked how much "raw power" he believed was left in the current gen.

McNamara replied: "I wouldn't profess to be an expert about either one but I'd say from our point of view with the PS3, we think it's got - with Naughty Dog's new game - people just get cleverer and cleverer about it. Like what percentage of the raw power are they using up?

"What you can do on SPUs on PS3 is pretty amazing so we think there's still a lot of life left in it. We'd certainly still like to do another [game] on it, so..."

And we'd certainly like to receive one, sir.

LA Noire, published by Rockstar, was a huge sales success for Australian studio Bondi, topping US sales in June.

The second downloadable content pack for L.A Noire, Reefer Madness, was released earlier this month.

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