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Xbox Live enjoys record growth year, a 'whole bunch' of new entertainment partners coming

Exclusive: Microsoft acquires more new members than ever before

Microsoft has revealed to CVG that Xbox Live's last 12 months were its biggest ever in terms of recruiting new members to the service.


The platform holder won't get too specific on numbers - only revealing that Live now boasts a community of over 35 million worldwide.

However, Robin Burrowes, Xbox Live product marketing manager for EMEA [Europe, Middle East and Africa], said that Live memberships had "swum in tandem" with increased adoption rates since the launch of Kinect.

He told CVG: "The last twelve months has been our biggest in terms of acquisition [of new members] - in the EMEA region and globally... And we're actually forecasting the next 12 months to be even bigger.

"We've certainly got aspirations in the console space to be the No.1 in terms of market share. Those aspirations are clear. We're exceptionally confident that the 12 months ahead will spark [Xbox Live's] growth.

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"We're making sure we're aligned behind the core games that have been the lifeblood of Xbox Live. With Modern Warfare 3, FIFA 12, Gears 3, Forza 4 and Halo Anniversary all coming in a very action packed period , it's a very strong time for us.

"But the second wave of Kinect titles will have a deeper, more obvious Xbox Live component to them, from multiplayer in Kinect Sports [2] to co-op modes in Dance Central [2] - suggest we will be harnessing the power of those games more with Xbox Live."

And that's not all. According to Burrowes, Microsoft is readying announcements for a "whole bunch" of new entertainment partners in the autumn.

That means more TV and movies on Xbox Zune, we should imagine. Result.

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