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505 calms rumours over Vita 'autumn' release date

Seemingly premature date confirmation causes storm before 505 clarifies placeholder

505 Games caused a stir earlier today when it put out a press release announcing its fighting sim, MMA Supremacy, will be releasing on Sony's new PlayStation Vita "this fall".


The internet, as you'd rightfully expect, leapt on that release date. Fall (or autumn in good old-fashioned English) - could it be premature confirmation of the release of Sony's as-yet undated handheld?

Apparently not, according to a follow-up statement from 505, who has told MCV that the 'fall' date mentioned "is only speculative".

Vita's launch is a hot topic at present, with Sony having only said it'll launch in "at least one" unspecified territory before Christmas, and everywhere else in the New Year. Japan is the widely expected territory.

A senior retail source very close to SCE told CVG last month that Sony is weighing up a January or February launch date for the system in UK, but is reportedly hopeful of a US release ahead of Christmas 2011.

Sony has declined to comment on "rumour and speculation".