Call of Duty haters 'help keep Infinity Ward in check'

Kicking dirt in our face gives us a healthy "gut check", says Modern Warfare dev

Call of Duty games tend to be the biggest selling titles on an annual basis, but sometimes it feels like the franchise's great popularity is only rivalled by the amount of criticism it receives from detractors.


Rather than taking offence though, series creator and Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward insist the hate acts as a healthy reality check, and no doubt a good motivational tool as well.

Creative strategist Robert Bowling told Kotaku: "We may have the number one selling game. We may have, at times, the number one most played game. So it's very easy to sit back and say. 'We've done our jobs perfectly. We have the best game ever created. Look at the numbers.'

"But then you can get online and have people kick dirt in your face constantly every day about anything that they may not like about the game. It allows you to have a gut check and a perspective that this is where we still need to go. This is work that we still need to do."

Bowling, who acts as the public face for the Modern Warfare series, also said joining Twitter to interact with the community was the best decision he ever made from a development perspective.

"It allows you to not rest on acclaim alone, whether critical or commercial, and makes you realise that there are still audiences out there that want to enjoy your games that may not even play shooters, that may not be into the type of game you make. You can look at that and find ways to introduce them into the experience."

Earlier this month, id Software's John Carmack stood up for Call of Duty and other games that are looked down upon by "snooty" developers because of their popularity.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]