9 games that can save the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo's new handheld is looking groggy, but it's not over yet...

With price tags being slashed, execs taking massive salary cuts and games being delayed and cancelled left, right and centre, it looks like Nintendo has broken out the defibrillator to try and shock the 3DS back to life.


It's been a poor launch for the new handheld without a shadow of a doubt but you know as well as we do all the little box needs is some triple A medicine.

It's when you look at what's coming to the 3DS library in the near future you suddenly realise that things may not be so bleak for too much longer.

Here are 9 3DS games that give us enough hope to hoist the handheld onto our back and shout something heroic like "You ain't dead yet, son!"


It's arguably the best edition of one of the best gaming franchises ever to exist and represents an exciting time for Nintendo fans as they get access to AAA titles they could only dream of a year ago.

Not only is Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater a great game, its 3D counterpart is a chance for the 3DS to show off what it can do on a technical level.

A massive mainstream name like Metal Gear coming to a Nintendo handheld and looking the business is just what Nintendo needs to grab the attention of the public, even if it can't get its head around this glasses-free 3D malarkey.

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This is going to be pure Mario boosted with the power of 3D, for a console that you might consider to be ailing it could well be the perfect antidote.

From what we've seen so far it's a much more measured Mario adventure compared to something like Galaxy (still the plumber's best and a name that we think would guarantee a rush to the handheld) but it does amalgamate classic Mario mechanics from some of his best outings.

Elastic tightropes from Mario Sunshine, Bullet Bills on a ship ala SMB3, grabbing, butt-stomping wooden poles into the ground much like Yoshi's Island, narrowly avoiding a giant charging spike as you might in Super Mario World) it's all there alongside more nostalgic goodness.

From what we've played, Super Mario 3DS might be a shade on the easy side, but it will be good to see the moustachioed maestro all the same.

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Luigi's Mansion was something of a cult classic, but it takes all kinds to give a piece of hardware some really strong foundations.

Luigi's Mansion 2 will be a must-buy for a small but intensely passionate Nintendo core and, from what we've seen so far they shouldn't be disappointed.

The little brother's adventure really shines on the 3DS, quite literally at times. Strangely, we were most impressed with Luigi's torch as the beam glared right out of the screen with amazing fidelity.

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You're right, we don't know anything about Super Smash Bros. apart from the fact that it is coming. It seemed even sections of Nintendo was surprised to hear about Smash Bros. at E3.

As with all the other major first party titles that have been given life-saving duty in this feature, Super Smash Bros. is the kind of major heavyweight Nintendo needs to wrench some arms up some backs and frog-march hardcore fans to the retailers.



One of the most popular titles on one of Nintendo's most popular consoles, Star Fox 64 3D is not only a much-loved name with a clear ambition to bring magic from a classic era up to date, it's also a game we think will make the most out of 3D visuals.

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