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CVG's Heroes and Villains of the Week

Our champions and chumps over the past seven days...

We've got our fist wrapped tightly around the handle of steel gabble once again, which can only mean one thing.

That's right, we're scouring the past week of gaming news to pick out the industry's baddies so that we can slam the mallet of almighty justice 'pon their cranium, damning them to the fiery CVG dungeons for the entirety of... seven days.

The heroes strutting around the gaming world, on the other hand, will be given a badge and wedge of cake. The fake kind, we don't actually have cake.

Hey, at least we admit it.



Who? The Old Spice Guy
Why? Because he's on a horse

First of all The Old Spice Guy has managed to land a role in the Gears of War multiplayer. That's already worth 7 CVG points as far as we're concerned.

Secondly, in a little bit of playful publicity, Old Spice Guy replied to a Tweet from Cliffy B in his somehow loveable cocksure manner describing how his abs would bounce bullets back at the Locust Horde. Have another 4 CVG points.

On the other hand he called Gears 3 an FPS. Minus 2 CVG points.

Then he did it again. 2 more CVG points down the drain.

Genre faux-par aside, the man still has 7 CVG points. How many CVG points do you have?



Who? Rockstar
Why? For giving us free DLC

Rockstar gave us a mountain of top-quality DLC when Red Dead Redemption was still on tour in the top spots. Okay not all of it was free but nobody expects it to be.

What we also don't expect is for Rockstar to suddenly produce some off the cuff free DLC for last year's mega hit, especially when it's had to look after LA Noire and a fairly weighty DLC schedule for one of this year's most popular title.

And yet here we are being offered more Red Dead content packed full of features with the fans in mind all for absolutely nothing.

Thanks Rockstar. We love you, for a week.


Who? Iwata and co
Why? For falling on his sword with honour

Okay so the good ship 3DS hasn't exactly sunk just yet and there's every chance that the Ninty crew will be able to pull it back from the tempest. One thing's for sure though, it's not plain sailing for Iwata and his old sea dogs at the moment.

The Nintendo 3DS perhaps hasn't been handled well but the commitment to crisis management is admirable.

Not only have the consumers been encouraged with free games and a substantial price cut but Nintendo execs have carried the blame and put their money where their mouths are with pay cuts. Iwata himself is taking the biggest fall agreeing to knock 50% off his salary.

He's still on mega bucks, but it's a great gesture. We hope Nintendo manage to turn things around.


Who? The mainstream media
Why?For being level-headed in tragic times

Following the horrific events in Oslo this week, we were waiting for the first attempts from the mainstream press to somehow pin the blame on video games.

To be fair they've had more cause than usual - with Oslo mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik himself calling Modern Warfare 2 a "training simulator" for his distressing actions.

And yet we've yet to see a finger be pointed in our direction. The mainstream press has remained mature, level headed and restrained.

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