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TimeSplitters 4 'to be announced soon' - OPM

Official PlayStation Magazine UK revives rumour of the series' return

Crytek is on the verge of announcing the return of the TimeSplitters franchise with a new game.


That's according to a rumour in the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, on sale now.

"Gun-wielding monkeys are finally making a comeback! A fourth Timesplitters title is to be announced soon," it says in its rumours section.

The TimeSplitters FPS series has been on a hiatus since the 2005 release of the third game, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect on PS2, Xbox and GameCube.

A fourth game has, however, been rumoured for some time, most recently by a report citing a 'high-ranking industry source at Crytek' which claimed development on the fourth game is underway with a plan for its release on the next-gen PlayStation 4 and Xbox 3 consoles.

Developer Crytek UK - originally Free Radical before Crytek rescued it from meltdown - officially confirmed to CVG back in 2007 that work on Timesplitters 4 had begun. It even released concept art before its long-time no-show stirred up rumours of its cancellation.

[ SOURCE: Gematsu ]