85% of Assassin's Creed's plot 'already mapped out,' writer reveals

But Ubisoft "might end up changing things"

85 percent of Assassin's Creed's overarching plot is already "mapped out", lead writer Darby McDevitt has revealed.


Speaking in the latest issue of Xbox World 360 magazine, the Ubisoft scribe claims original Creed protagonist Altair has had his story arc written for two years, and that Ezio's ultimate fate was planned during the development of Brotherhood.

McDevitt previously revealed that new game Revelations won't answer everything, but at least we know Ubisoft's not making it up as it goes along...

"We have about - to give it a rough estimate - 85 percent of the Assassin's Creed lore mapped out, but new things always happen along the way," he said, adding that "if a writer comes up with a cool new story which sits deep within the narrative, this might end up changing things. But we do have things planned out.

"Altair's complete story arc has been mapped out for two years, and Ezio's story in Revelations was being conceived and planned when the team started working on Brotherhood.

"So we've known the end of Ezio's story for some time - it's just a matter of working out how we present that: do we do it in a game? In a comic book? In a handheld game? In a facebook game?"

One medium that will be used to portray Ezio's story is the just-announced Assassin's Creed Embers CG animated movie, which is set for release alongside Revelations on November 15.

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