Flurry of Kinect exclusives coming to Xbox Live Arcade this year

Around one a month planned into Microsoft's calendar

Microsoft is planning to release a string of Kinect-exclusive titles via XBLA in the lead-up to Christmas.


Speaking to CVG, the company said that was aiming to release around one of the games a month - all of which will be specifically designed to take advantage of the motion-sensing camera by MS studios.

The comments arrive as Microsoft's summer of Arcade gets into full flow, with SuperGiant's Bastion, Ubisoft's From Dust and MS's own Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet all launched on the platform in the past few weeks.

"Obviously we have Xbox Live Arcade exclusives running through the Summer of Arcade programme, but yes, you can expect far more exclusives coming to the platform in future," Robin Burrowes, Xbox Live product marketing manager for EMEA [Europe, Middle East and Africa], told CVG.

"I can't give you those names today - we'll announce them in due course - but you have the trust factor of the legacy of titles we've launched in the past.

"Talking more specifically, expect to see more from us - as Microsoft studios - as we leverage the power of Kinect; expect to see a number of Kinect Arcade titles coming. We're targeting a frequency of about one a month from the Xbox Live Arcade portfolio that will have Kinect integration. That will really be powerful and differentiate the platform.

"But you can also expect also to continue to create the traditional, core games - particularly sequels of successful titles on the platform coming very soon indeed."

Discussing Microsoft's Kinect XBLA titles more specifically, Burrrowes said that Live integration in the "first wave" of Kinect games was "perhaps not fully demonstrated".

"The opportunity with the second wave of titles - Kinect Sports 2, for example, Dance Central - is fantastic," he added. "They're really going to peak that connectivity [between Kinect and Live] more obviously."

The last 12 months was the most successful in Xbox Live's six-year history in terms of recruiting new members. The service now enjoys over 35 million subscribers worldwide.