Annualising Battlefield 'would eventually kill the franchise' - DICE

"EA would never force us to release a game every year," says Battlefield 3's executive producer

Releasing a new Battlefield game every year would "dilute the vision of the franchise" and eventually kill it, according to developer DICE.


Battlefield 3 executive producer Patrick Bach told GamerZines: "The business goals for us are not to release a game every year... EA would never force us to release a game every year. I think that would dilute the vision of the franchise, and you will eventually kill the franchise by doing that."

Bach said it was "in theory" possible EA could adopt a Call of Duty style approach to development, in which two studios work on two year development cycles to ensure an annual release, but added: "I know for sure that there aren't any discussions about doing that. That would be the killing blow for the franchise.

"... That would mean that we'd have to have another studio building it for us, which would mean it wouldn't have that DICE seal of approval, which would mean they'd just have to release a copy of the game we just released. Ugh, no."

EA is offering early access to the Battlefield 3 multiplayer beta to anyone who pre-orders the October release via its Origin service.

[ SOURCE: GamerZines ]