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Diablo 3-like trading may arrive in StarCraft 2

Portions of the tech in development is transferable, says Activision

Activision's somewhat controversial auction house feature in Diablo 3 that'll allow players to make real-world currency sales for in-game items could eventually make its way to StarCraft 2.


Speaking during an investors conference call today, Activision said that some of the back-end tech being developed for the Diablo 3 auction house can be leveraged for its globally popular PC RTS game, StarCraft 2.

Rather than item trading as players will be doing in Diablo, Activision suggested that players would be able to create put their own custom-made maps up for sale to other players.

Blizzard executive VP Rob Pardo said after the announcement earlier this week that Diablo 3's auction house will help prevent players from inevitably resorting to the illegitimate black market to buy items by providing a safe and secure system for such trades to take place within the game itself.