Black Ops 'Rezurrection' DLC detailed, dated, screenshots

Microsoft first off the block with the all-zombies update - first screenshots

Following Activision's announcement earlier today, Activision has released a shed load of details on the 'Rezurrection' map pack coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops this month.


Unlike the previous CoD DLC releases, Rezurrection will be an entirely Zombies affair, adding five new Zombies maps to the undead shooting portion of the game.

"Four are remastered and upgraded versions of the World at War Zombies maps that started it all - Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa and Der Riese," revealed Activision. "If you were introduced to Zombies gameplay with Black Ops, these are the historical maps that will fill in some of the backstory for you - and in addition to updated weapons and polish, they each still have their own surprises to offer."

A fifth map takes the zombie action to the 'Moon', where "the rules of engagement will apparently be changing", according to the publisher, which says further details on that are a "surprise".

There's more: "Rezurrection will include a special Moon Xbox 360 Dashboard theme and the official Zombies soundtrack, featuring three new tracks." Sweet.

The all-important release date: It'll arrive first on Xbox Live Marketplace (of course) on August 23 for 1200 MS Points. No date has been announced for the other platforms.

Activision has also confirmed that 'Rezurrection' will be free to Black Ops Hardened and Prestige owners, "as a thank-you to the hardcore fans for their support from the start. You'll be able to go into your Download History and re-download the classic pack you already own, and the fresh download will include the new Moon map. And you'll also get the soundtrack and theme, too."

First screenshots of the new Moon level are on this page.