CVG's Site of The Week: Siliconera

Our favourite gaming websites...

On last week's Site of the Week we awarded RPG Site, a bastion for fans of one of gaming's most hardcore genres, the prestigious title.

This week we're shining our spotlight on Siliconera, a fact driven website that specialises in bringing attention to lesser known titles and digging deep into the gaming industry.

We had a quick chat with Spencer to talk about Siliconera, its strengths and what it has in store for the future.


What sets Siliconera apart from other sites?

On behalf of Siliconera, we would like to thank CVG for selecting us as your site of the week. It's quite an honor!

Instead of being opinion oriented, we have a 'present the facts' style approach at Siliconera. One of our goals is to keep our readers informed about the games they are keen on and introduce titles they aren't aware of. We also strive to cover games that may not get as much attention on other sites, that's our way of getting lesser known titles in the public eye.

Our community is another strong point. We ask our readers to submit questions for developers and some company representatives are active Siliconera commenters.

What would you say you specialise in?

I think others would say we specialize in covering Japanese games. To an extent that's true, we follow many titles developed in Asia. However, I'd say Siliconera's specialty is sparking discussion or, in other words, bringing the unseen side of gaming to the spotlight.
We do digging, whether it's through our interviews or other sources.

Earlier this year we shared scripts from Square Enix's Tomb Raider reboot, EA's (still unannounced) Syndicate game, and Activision's True Crime: Hong Kong. We also revealed Project Dropship, an unreleased game from Square Enix's Los Angeles studio and shined light on Hero, a canceled project from Midway which is being reworked into Awakening.

What do you have planned for the future?

We'd like to start even more discussions! If anyone would like to speak anonymously about their work on a pitch, canceled or unreleased game we're all ears. We want to work more with the indie and startup scenes too. Developers without PR firms don't get their fair share of awareness, and we would like to remedy that. If you're starting out with a Sony pub fund title, iPhone game or anything in between please get in touch with us. We always have room for developer blogs!