'Nintendo have swept everyone off their feet with the Wii U'

Mailbox: Is Microsoft in a position to keep up?

On last week's mailbox Njmudluck got into contact with PSM3 and asked whether developers are taking the easy option and catering to the FPS market instead of really innovating.


This week Grant Clover e-mails Xbox World 360 to ask if Microsoft is in a position to compete after Nintendo's latest trend-setting home console.

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E3 has come and gone, and Nintendo have swept everyone off their feet with the Wii U - a console that is as powerful as a Playstation 3 and packing a tablet-like controller. Are Sony worried about Nintendo's controller? Nope, they have the PSVita, which could easily be implemented in exactly the same way.

So what about you, Microsoft? They don't have any platform or controller of any type that could compete in this market. Let's say, for example, that Call of Duty decides that having a radar or leaderboard on your controller rather than your 'main' screen is the way forward.

The Xbox 360 would be left looking rather old fashioned by the two other platform giants if these ideas are put into games. Even Apple have the iPad which, when connected to Apple TV, can do similar tricks.

Imagine how this technology could be used: playing FIFA 12 and managing your team on the fly, feeling like a real manager. Or having a mini-game of lock-picking in Elder Scrolls. Microsoft don't usually fall behind any trend, and normally have an ace up their sleeve when they do. So, I'll say it again: what about you, Microsoft?

XBW says: Hmm, no one from Microsoft is actually here to answer your query, but it's highly likely that their answer could well be something along the lines of: "Bothered?" But then we're not sure who the people were who were really 'swept off their feet' by the Wii-U.

A machine of what will soon-to-be last-gen capability which happens to have an iPad attached? Experience tells us that any game designed for Nintendo isn't the kind we want on 360. But then, this is Microsoft - if they decide that going the Gamecube + GBA route is the future, they'll have new peripherals on the shelves before you can say "More money than sense." In summary, then: a big bowl of meh.

CVG says: We're going to join XBW in the skeptic's corner for this one. In theory it all makes sense: it can compete with the Xbox 360 and PS3 in terms of visuals and has the iPad thing going on for the controller.

However is being on par with Microsoft and Sony's consoles enough when both of those console manufacturers are on the verge of taking the step into the next-generation? Is an iPad-like device that is - from what we've heard - limited in use enough to really set a trend worth following again? Only time will tell, but we're betting Microsoft isn't too worried.