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Bethesda's Dishonored explodes: Video interview, screens, more

Introducing Arkane Studios' first-person RPG

Imagine a steampunk nightmare where you can kill your enemies using a combination of magic, stealth and exploding rats. Now stop imagining it, because Arkane Studios and Bethesdas' sandbox assassination simulator Dishonored lets you do exactly that.


In our video interview Arkane founder and co-creative director Raphael Colantonio reveals all the details about this immersive first-person RPG, which gives you a murder-box of magical tools then leaves the method of butchery in your bloodied hands.

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The freedom in Dishonored goes deeper than just choosing how to hack up your enemies, though: "The player can arrive at a situation and make a choice," Raphael told us. "You have a mission, but then there are ways around it if you don't want to be evil."

The dev team includes famous names like Deus Ex lead designer Harvey Smith and Viktor Antonov, the creative mind behind of Half Life 2's City 17. Dishonored promises to be more than just mindless slaughter; as Raphael says, "in our game there is this simulation dimension which is very important which lets you do it the way you want." Even with exploding rats.