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Here we go again folks. The end of another week also brings with it the latest edition of Comments of the Week, where we round up all the worthy comments and throw them all into one feature for all to see.

This week there's been plenty'o'news for you to discuss. We had WRONG hall of famers the Sun's latest stunt, more perma-save shenanigans, the return of Timesplitters and a whole lot more.

Here are some of our favourite comments from the week gone.

Halo: Anniversary video offers Terminal peek

Lets get this clear, im not at all understanding the story of Halo, I just see it as a green man saving things in a futuristic world. But effectively, I wouldn't mind at all seeing a movie much like that teaser, or even a full CGI movie. Get it going, i know one was in the making/and or is canned. But that teaser did look quite epic :/

Sounds like you understand it perfectly to us KMakawa

WRONG: The Sun newspaper

I had some great jokes and I'm sure some of you have too but can we try to remember that someone has died, that the parents have lost their child. He wasn't a bad person either, just very lazy.

R.I.P Chris Staniforth.

Props to slick loose for keeping it classy. Well done.

Namco Bandai responds to Pac-Man perma-save outburst

i was wondering what happens if you put a magnet on the cart wouldn't that remove the save data?

Why don't you try it jays club and then let us know...

TimeSplitters 4 'to be announced soon' - OPM

It's Time to Split!

PandyBear gets recognition for his use of most obvious pun. Well done.

Carmack: Games help 'reduce aggression'

I'd have to agree.

It's like a stressball, or hitting a pillow because your p**sed off.

Then again if video game violence does affect you to the point that it makes you more aggressive, then there is probably something really wrong with you, and you need help.

It sounds like you have personally experienced this shogunreaper . Wait, doesn't that mean you need help? Uh-oh.

Ridge Racer Unbounded - Video interview

Yawn.......anyone want a biscuit?

What kind of biscuit Drusus?

UK CHART: Zumba Fitness still at No.1

Who keeps buying this...?

Lots of people Ais4Audi, LOTS! AND IT NEEDS TO STOP! Sorry for the outburst there...

Diablo 3 requires constant internet connection

To be fair, if Diablo 3 required my first-born son, I'd have to give it some real thought...

Naturally cjw101, wouldn't we all?

Please slickloose don't get the PC crowd agitated. You know most of them haven't upgraded their sense of humour cards yet.
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