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Round of applause for Barry316's tech savvy joke there

Anonymous, LulzSec member charged over web hacking

Are we getting a dynamic theme of him being put in his cell?

You know what silversun_111? We'd pay good money for that

Square Enix picks up True Crime: Hong Kong rights

This is all excellent news and all...
Except for one thing...
SquareEnix will have to give it a name!!!
I just hope it wont be like Dissidia: Duodecim Final Fantasy!

Hong! dsyfgaf- 4D Kong uhpiayf legacy XI-5


Don't give them any ideas LarzimusPrime

House of the Dead Overkill PS3 adds 'Naked Terror' level

Will this utilise the Move Sharpshooter attachment?

Is that a euphemism TheBusterMan?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 'doesn't recycle cut XIII content'

I'm playing FF13 at the moment- I've gotten through the vast majority by pushing up and pressing A. Also, I wish to set fire to the entire cast except for maybe Sasz... and Fang because I can easily pretend she's a lesbian.

Big game though- it's camper than Dale Winton but it's provided me many hours of pushing up and pressing A! I don't think I'm interested in the story enough for me to purchase the sequel (as it is a little bit rubbish) at least not a full price... so I may just do what I dd before and buy it for under a tenner.

Camper than Dale Winton MrPirtniw? We think not.

85% of Assassin's Creed's plot 'already mapped out,' writer reveals

It turns out its just a dog dreaming

A dog named Desmond mogel94?

Batman: Arkham City pre-order skins rounded up

The one 2nd from the left looks like he's eaten a few too many pies...?
I believe that one's called Fatman.
Ho ho ho.

How dare you rbt2. We won't stand for Batman insults. Apologise to Fatman now...

Retailers knock almost 50% off Xperia Play price

got mine two days after launch and I have to point out how super awesome and fantastic it is. Never again do I wait bored for appointments and ques etc. Comfotable in your hand and awesome software make it a winner for me. Everyone that has had a go on it has walked away talking of upgrading there phone to it. It is awesome!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

Awesome Xperia Play's for everybody!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

You know what ilovenewtech ? We've missed you.

The future of video game graphics - or a load of old nonsense?

The guy in the video sounds like Lloyd Grossman. I would like to punch him so he could feel my unlimited power.

I've heard his power is OVER 9000 charliecheswick, is yours?

Rescued True Crime: Hong Kong to release in 2012

Factual Felony: Roads of China?

TheCrimsonFenix is a master of naming knock-off products

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