From Dust smashes day-one sales record for Ubisoft

Beats day-one sales figures of all previous digital games from Ubi

Gamers like to play God, it seems, as Ubisoft confirms its new God game, From Dust, has set a new sales record for the publisher.


According to Ubisoft, the game sold more copies on its first day on sale than any previous digital title from the French publishing giant.

Without providing exact figures, the firm says day-one sales of From Dust beat the company's former best-selling XBLA title by a margin of 45 percent.

The game sees players take the roll of a deity capable of manipulating the land, which you must do to help your tribes thrive and protect them from an abundance of natural disasters. The game received rave reviews across the board (except from Destructoid) prior to its July 27 release.

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]