PS3-60: Bethesda exec calls for single console standardisation

Todd Howard keen for games to follow DVD model

Bethesda Softworks game director Todd Howard has revealed that he's keen for the industry to adopt a one console as standard.


Speaking to PSM3, Howard - also executive producer on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - was asked which one thing he would change about working in the games market.

He responded by saying he feels it takes a lot of effort to create a game for multiple platforms and would like to see games follow the same path of DVDs and Blu-rays.

"I'd like there to be only one platform. It's a lot of work to make the games look good on every platform you're on," said Howard.

"I often equate it to DVD or Blu-Rays. Once I've bought a DVD I can use it in my TV, in my computer, in my car, here, whatever. And I think it would be good for gaming if it was like that," he added.

The 'One-console future', as it has come to be known, was famously put forward by Silicon Knights founder Dennis Dyack, who said it would be a "massive paradigm shift" that would lead to games becoming "better in quality, cheaper, and more widely available".

However, while Dyack said it is an inevitability, Howard acknowledges it isn't necessarily a realistic future.

"They spend billions of dollars selling consoles at a loss for years, but then make the money back with games," he commented. "It's not like the industry is hurting, we're doing really well. But if I had one wish, you know, we would have better games for a single platform."

Former SCEE president David Reeves told CVG last year that he could envisage a future in which Sony and Microsoft joined forces to create a single machine.