Bungie's PS3, 360 stormer: First-look video, codenamed 'Tiger', logo revealed

Sneak peek at Activision-published title right here

Bungie has lifted the lid on its Activision-published cross-platform game for the first time ever - revealing what appears to be a new logo.


The final few minutes of new (amazing), hour-long documentary O Brave New World discusses the Activision project in-depth.

As we know you're all busy peeps, we've sliced the section out for you to check out below. The logo comes right near the end - complete with dramatic music.

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Intriguingly, we're told that the project - expected for release on PS3, 360 and PC - will "at some point" become "more the fans' than [Bungie's] and that it will "take a life of its own".

The game will also "reach players in ways we haven't before". Could we be in MMO territory here?

"I want the fans to know that we did Halo because we wanted to do Halo, and we did ODST because we wanted to do ODST, and we did Reach because we wanted to do Reach," says Martin O'Donnell Audio director. "But now we want to do something brand new. Now we want to do something different."

Bungie was previously owned by Microsoft, but split with the company back in 2007 to become independent.

The firm signed an exclusive deal with Activision in April last year.