CVG's Heroes and Villains of the Week

Our champions and chumps over the past seven days...

Gaming is full of characters, passion and joy - but not all of its leading lights get it right each and every time.

It's time once again, friends, for CVG to pick out our goodies and baddies from the past seven days of news. Get them rotten tomatoes ready...



Who? Ellen McLain
Why? For giving us hope

We'd actually given up. Valve seem so concerned with service-based distractions and DoTA, we were wondering if we'd hear the hallowed name of the greatest FPS of all time (arguably...) ever again from its quarters. But that was before Ellen McLain's hubby told us the voice of GLADOS was heading into the studio to record more Portal bits - and something for a "new game". It couldn't be. Could it?


Who? Peter Moore
Why? For coming back to what he knows

PlayStation fanboys might still have not forgiven him, but no-one can doubt the impact that Peter Moore had on the games industry whilst at Xbox. (Confrontational GTA tattoo, anyone?) He's made a huge success at EA Sports, too - but we've missed his uniquely frank (read: outspoken) interview style when it comes to the big issues. For years he's just wanted to talk about FIFA. Fair enough, but niche, you know?

Now he's back in the core games saddle - having been promoted to COO of EA. Congratulations, big man. We look forward to some must-read headlines spilling from the sincere Scouser's lips soon enough.


Who? David Staniforth
Why? Considered words

"Don't stop your child from playing games. They love doing it. It's great fun. [The point is] not to bug them about it. Just be aware. Enjoy it, but take a break."



Who? Bethesda
Why? Bullying the Minecraft dude

Bethesda has been responsible for a string of excellent games in recent years - and we can't wait to get our hands on the publisher and id's Rage in October. But sending a legal threat to Notch because he's called his game 'Scrolls' - and yours is named The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? What next? Flinging Cease & Desist orders at the dudes who directed Rocky I, II, III, IV and V? Honestly, have faith: We can tell the difference between an incredibly lush, epic RPG and a cool little indie game.


Who? Sony
Why? For ruining Xmas

We were looking forward to rubbing our turkey-greased fingertips all over PS Vita's sexy back on December 25. Now that dream is dead. Apparently, we're going to have to teach our mum how to import from Japan. Which is going to be tough, considering she struggles with Argos.


Who? Blizzard
Why? A multitude of sins

We don't care what the reasons are - whether it's DRM, gameplay-related touches or "a smoother experience for players" - always-online requirements suck. Suck we tells you! And as for your real-world currency Auction House, well, let's just say we have a few slight concerns...