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Mass Effect 3 multiplayer details in XBW

Teaser cover promises first official info

Does Mass Effect 3 have multiplayer? The industry can't seem to decide, but the cover of the latest issue of Xbox World says it has.


The cover for issue 108 of Xbox World, rushing its way to shop shelves now - as teased over here, contains what will be the first real details on Mass Effect 3's much-debated multiplayer mode. One cover line teases: "Mass Effect 3: New levels - and multiplayer!"

The first hint that the game would contain multiplayer slipped out in a BioWare job listing for a 'Multiplayer programmer (Mass Effect Franchise)'. Since then industry 'sources' and other reports have supported claims that the game will come with a "Horde-style multiplayer mode," as well as established multiplayer types such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.

But BioWare dismissed forum chatter on the subject when a rep said: "Mass Effect 3 is a single-player game."

Keep a sharp eye out for UK's Xbox World issue 108 (pictured).

[ SOURCE: Xbox World ]