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Used 3DS sales double in Japan

Nintendo's Ambassador program sets off frenzy in the Far East

Word of Nintendo offering 20 free games (10 of which to remain exclusive) to early 3DS adopters has sparked a used 3DS sales surge in Japan.


Sales of used 3DS consoles have apparently doubled recently, according to Nintendo World Report citing Japanese sales data tracking firm, Media Create. This comes in contrast to reports that sales of new 3DS sales in Japan have taken a dive since the price cut announcement.

While the firm apparently notes 'several' reasons for the used sales spike, it would seem most likely that gamers are eager to get in on the Ambassador program.

Nintendo's Ambassador program has been designed to compensate early 3DS adopters following an earlier-than-expected hardware price cut.

Nintendo is to offer 20 free downloadable games to early 3DS buyers in a bid to prevent them "regretting purchasing" the system.

Beginning September 1, eligible users will be able to download ten NES games and 10 Game Boy Advance games for free. While Nintendo says the NES games will later be made available as paid downloads for the general public, it has also said it has 'no plans' to ever release the 10 GBA games to anyone but Ambassadors.

That's a pretty sweet exclusive.

[ SOURCE: Nintendo World Report ]