FIFA 13 will use Kinect, won't make 'dramatic technology strides'

Lead producer talks about the future of the football simulation

FIFA 13 will be Kinect compatible but won't make as dramatic a stride forward in terms of technology as this year's iteration.


That's according to lead producer David Rutter, who considers FIFA 12's Player Impact engine - which sees players tumble realistically - as a key contributor to "one of the biggest years" for the franchise.

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He told Digital Spy: "Next year, we're not going to reinvent a brand new Player Impact engine, because the reason we've learnt this year is that it's future-proofing our game, but it's probably not going to be quite as dramatic as far as technology is concerned, but there'll be a large number of changes based around gameplay nuance on the back of that, perhaps. But we still don't know exactly what we're doing next year."

One significant technological leap, however, will be the inclusion of Kinect support.

"Since the Kinect came out, or the very first announcement almost two years ago, we've been asked, 'Will you have Kinect support?', and we've always said, 'Not until we can get something cool and makes sense working'," Rutter explained. "Now that's the case and that's going to be next year, so it's just a case of finishing that off now."

A couple of weeks ago, Rutter told CVG we're not too far away from a photo-realistic FIFA. Exciting times for football fans. Until then though, this is what FIFA 12 looks like:

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