A Bungie MMO reveal would threaten Blizzard's genre dominance. Discuss.

Debate: Would squaring up to WOW be anything other than suicide?

Following the latest sneak peek at Halo creator Bungie's next project, 'MMO' is once again the acronym on everyone's lips.


The way that the incredibly uplifting developer diary, which landed at the end of last week, talked about a game that will eventually become "more the fans' than [Bungie's] and "take a life of its own" could point to some sort of online world with hints of Second Life about it, where players have a direct impact with their own in-game creations.

We also got a quick look at the bare bones of some sort of map for the game, which could well be the start of one large open-world rather than contained levels.

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Of course, speculation about Bungie lining up a big MMO announcement is just that, but we have had a level of chatter about the prospect that's reached the point of farce.

Hints towards an MMO go as far back as October last year and carried through to 2011, with reports of confirmation and denial coming from every direction apparently just to confuse us all.

Going on the classic "no smoke without a fire" principle, let's assume for the sake of debate that Bungie's next project is of the MMO bent. Could Bungie be the one to finally put cracks in World of Warcraft's dominance?

Of course, with the Bungie project being a multiplatform title, we'd be talking about significantly different beasts, but if the former Halo dev can pull off an MMO powerhouse and make it a success on console, the effects would have all the more impact.

But is it even a notion worth considering? If taking on a series as established as World of Warcraft is near impossible, doing it on console could be considered nothing short of lunacy.

There's another twist though, and that is that Bungie is now under Activision's roof, as is Blizzard. Would the publisher even let the two go head-to-head, or could we see Blizzard work with Bungie in order to make Activision the MMO ruler across all platforms?