Nintendo EU eShop update features Avenging Spirit

Latest 3DS and DSi DLC also includes GO Series Fishing Resort and Hearts Spades Euchre

Nintendo has detailed the newest crop of digital content for the 3DS and DSi.


This week's big release is Game Boy game Avenging Spirit, which was also known as Phantasm in Japan. In the game players take control of the spirit of a recently murdered man and embark on a mission to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend. Along the way you'll also possess and inhabit a range of different creatures to aid you.

Here's the full list of what you'll get in exchange for your Nintendo points...

  • Avenging Spirit - Nintendo 3DS, €3 (300 Points)
  • GO Series Fishing Resort - Nintendo 3DS, DSi, €2 (200 Points)
  • Hearts Spades Euchre - Nintendo 3DS, DSi, €5 (500 Points)
  • Oscar's World Tour - Nintendo 3DS, DSi, €5 (500 Points)

Last week's update included Xevious.