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WRONG: 'GTA inspired children to riot and loot in London'

Evening Standard gobbles up hearsay to point finger at games

The front page of today's Evening Standard is in - and, as expected, it's not pretty.


The newspaper has blamed Rockstar's flagship series for inspiring youngsters to join the riots and looting in London over the past two nights.

Under the banner headline 'Lawless London', the Standard screams that "children as young as 10" were "inspired by [the] video game". Check out the full front page above.

The second paragraph of the story reads: "Children aged between 10 and 14, said to have been inspired by video game Grand Theft Auto, were seen rampaging through Enfield and Brixton as riots and looting also spread to Dalston and Fulham."

Crucially, whoever it was that "said" the youngsters in question were influenced by GTA is not referenced again.

Trade bible MCV earlier reported that the Standard had been informed of the link by a one Police officer and one Enfield resident.

Interestingly, the Grand Theft Auto series has never featured any form of interactive looting or rioting.